Coronation Triathlon, May 27 2018

Congratulations to all of our club members who took part!

What a great day for everyone to start our racing seasons! It was beautiful out, and we had a great turn out. A special thank you to all of our club members who volunteered - none of us could cross the finish line without your dedication. You're wonderful.

Whether you did the Standard Distance, or the Tri-It Distance, or any of the other many options available, it's a pretty special opportunity to race in our home town. Especially as this event takes place on closed roads! Maybe you can heckle a friend into trying it next year - minimal gear is needed with an indoor swim. And for anyone new, the idea of getting to experience the thrill and fun of a race is even better without the stress of riding alongside vehicles while figuring out just where you were supposed to turn. For old hands, this race is a solid favourite and in fact has been running 34 years!


On the topic of finish lines, check out one of our own on his way! Craig Brososky, of WEphysio Performance and Wellness -  and he clearly means business, too. His glorious mane of hair is unfortunately covered up for safety today under his bike helmet - if you haven't seen it you're definitely missing out. Which I guess answers the question - who's faster? Craig? Or Craig's brilliant 'do? Must be Craig! The spectators in the background are doing a wonderful job of cheering all of the athletes on, and don't we all feel cooler when we have people cheering us on?


Of special note is Craig's excellent skills at matching his gear. I'm impressed, and might have to step up my game now. Check out those shoes and shorts!!


Did you manage to find our Edmonton Triathlon Club tent at the event? If you did, you may just have been lucky enough to see these two lovely people! Handing out treats, encouragement and congratulation we had several members at the tent throughout the day. Many thanks go to them as well - showing our club gear in the background and enjoying the sun.

It's a great start to our season as athletes, and we have more to come. Good luck to all of our members, whether you're going for distance, your first time, or your 30th. Or are you taking a break from racing, perhaps just having a go at training while you decide if racing is in your future? We're all athletes, and have a love of sport which has brought us together in ETC. Welcome to the 2018 season!

Now if I can just get better at finding my bike shoes early in the morning, you might even find me on the road!