Bike Camp #1, April 29 2018 recap

Bike Camp 1, April 29 2018 - recap!


Hi everyone, and welcome to the first of our club's blog posts! In an effort to let everyone who couldn't make it know what they are missing out on, we are starting to blog recaps of outings, workshops, events to come, and anything else we may think of. Aren't we lovely - I know. I love hearing about all the fun times that people have and what they are learning, while I have to work, too. BUT, maybe you can make it out to the next Bike Camp (June 3rd, 2018!), and catch up on the info and the fun?

We had a great turnout, a lot of information, and wrapped it up with putting it to the test with a slightly chilly, yet fantastic group ride.

Before we get into the day, a great big thank you goes out to Tim Ferris for all of the effort, hard work and preparation that he put into this camp. This is a man who clearly loves his bike. And we very much appreciate it!

Held at the Border Paving Athletic Centre in Spruce Grove, our cyclists had a chance to check out the brand new, fancy facility at 0930, before meeting up with Tim in the Lodgepole classroom. Here, Tim had set up different styles of bikes to ogle, tools and all sorts of kit for everyone to look at and go over. Lots of information was covered, including the geometry of a bike (and how that affects and is affected by the rider and preferences); frame types, aerodynamics (oh don't I wish I was aerodynamic haha); gearing; basic maintenance and so much more. We talked about bike positioning and the importance of being comfortable, and relaxing in your biking technique. Also covered was clothing, (comfort is key, and we all like to look cool as a bonus when we're comfortable!); food and hydration; and weather considerations.

Have you ever wondered how to ride in a group? Or how not to create episodes of polite "road rage" in your ride mates, through not knowing the etiquette or safety rules? (Every new rider's worst fear!) All this was covered! Have you ever worried you may be waylaid by a T. Rex out on the road, or worse, a flat tire? Covered! Safety, ID, letting someone know where you are was all covered. And hey, there was even snacks!

In the early afternoon, all this was put into practice. A 22km (ish) ride with nice rolling hills in a mainly flat route. Leaving in double line "formation", it was a ride suited well to all abilities. Passing was practiced, and we had a chance to show off our new or newly brushed up communication skills with each other. After an hour and a half, the ride wrapped up back in place in the parking lot of the rec centre.

All in all, it was a great day of learning, socialising, and riding!

Good job to every one who worked and played hard, and to Tim for sharing so much knowledge. Those of us who are new to group riding, or are old hands - all had a great time and expanded our horizons.

Interested in learning more about cycling in a group, or want to learn a little more about all the shiny kit you can have, and what you actually do need (I like fancy socks, myself!)?

Come out to Bike Camp 2! It's June 3rd, 2018. And hey, it's probably going to be warmer!