What is the Edmonton Triathlon Club? 

Edmonton Triathlon Club is a supportive community for multisport athletic development at all levels.

ETC organizes training activities & social events to give members the opportunity to network with other triathletes of all levels.

What are some of the benefits of being an ETC member?

A 20% discount on an annual pass, or continuous monthly pre-authorized membership pass for City of Edmonton Sports Facilities, and discounts at other sponsor retailers that support ETC. 

Free or discounted fees to training camps and special club events.

Organized social events where you can meet other really nice triathletes! 

Who and how many people belong to the ETC? 

Our membership consists of mostly adult members with a wide range of experience in triathlon – from beginning triathletes to very experienced racers. Some members are very serious competitors and others are happy to be involved in a fitness activity. Members participate in all levels of triathlon events as well as duathlons, marathons, and gran fondos. We have approximately 100 members. 

How much does it cost to become a member of the ETC? 

Membership fees are currently $60.00 with special promotions offered throughout the year. Annual Membership rates are reviewed and established each year.  

What is the term of the membership? 

The ETC membership year is from April 1 to March 31. No pro-rating of memberships.

How is my membership money used? 

Membership fees are used to pay for minimal operating expenses the club incurs, such as insurance, maintaining social media, our website, and newsletter system, our ongoing run clinic, and subsidizing club training camps and events that are offered to members. 

Is the ETC a business? 

The ETC is not a business. The ETC is a registered non-profit society that is governed and run by a Board of elected volunteers. 

How do I get my 20% discount from the Kinsmen Sports Centre (KSC)? 

If you need to renew your Kinsmen membership, or would like to purchase a new membership, visit the helpful staff at the front desk at Kinsmen Sports Centre. They will ensure that your name is on the current ETC membership list, which is their authority to provide you with the 20% corporate discount on an annual, or continuous monthly pre-authorized facility pass. If you have any questions, please Contact Us. Direct your email to our Membership Coordinator. 

Does ETC provide any technical training to members? 

The volunteer board members organize activities that are of interest to club members. Examples of technical training include transition & bike hill climbing clinics, transition demonstrations, open-water swim clinics, bike maintenance presentations, nutrition seminars, sports psychology presentations. The volunteer board would love to hear your suggestions for other training topics of interest - submit your ideas through Contact Us or comment in our Facebook Group.

Does ETC offer triathlete coaching? 

The focus of ETC is on individual training activities for each of the traithlon-specific disciplines which may involve coaches in targeted areas and social activities for people interested in triathlon and multisports. We do not offer coached triathlon-specific training involving all 3 sports. There are several coaches in the Edmonton area who provide triathlon coaching.

Is ETC different than ATA? 

Alberta Triathlon Association is the Provincial governing body for the sport of Triathlon. ATA organizes sanctions events, training camps and more. A membership with the ATA provides competitors with insurance for sanctioned events. For more information, go to the ATA website at http://www.triathlon.ab.ca

How can I join ETC? 

Just go to our Membership Page and click the link to Join ETC.