ETC coordinates and sponsors regular swim camps through the year. Our next event will be our day at the beach picnic and swim training afternoon.

Our swim coach Lincoln Flanagan, regularly provides swim training at the Terwilliger and Kinsmen recreation centres. NOTE: these are not ETC coordinated or sponsored training sessions. 

Mondays/Fridays 6:00am at the Kinsmen.
Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:00am at Terwilliger.
Wednesdays 9:30am at the Kinsmen.

The City of Edmonton offers drop-in swim training/stroke improvement classes coached by qualified swim coaches that will help you improve your swimming skills, speed and endurance.  (Note: These programs are not ETC programs and this information is displayed on the ETC website only to assist triathletes in finding stroke improvement/swim training times at various City pools.)

Check the City of Edmonton website for updated leisure centre swim schedules, or call 311 to confirm.

NOTE:  With your membership in the Edmonton Triathlon Club, you can purchase a 20% discounted annual, or continuous monthly, pass to City of Edmonton sports facilities.  Passes must be purchased at the Kinsmen Sports Centre. 



If you can’t fit these swim training times into your schedule, but want to swim train on your own, check the City of Edmonton website for up-to-date Leisure Centre pool lane swim schedules, or call 311.

Lincoln Flanagan coaches the Terwillegar time slots.
He also coaches at Kinsmen in the 6:00-7:00am slot.